The Emergence of Collaborative Delivery for Water

26 Mar 2024  |  Episode #91  |  with Charlie Suse

Public sector water and wastewater project owners, engineering & design firms, and contractors are facing cost overruns, schedule delays, and contractual disputes that are slowing the execution and delivery of critical infrastructure.

These factors have prompted the development of new policies and project experiences, accelerating collaborative project delivery approaches. The methods include design-build, progressive design-build, construction manager at-risk approaches, and public-private partnerships.

Reese Tisdale is joined by Bluefield Senior Analyst Charlie Suse to discuss his recent analysis of collaborative delivery and its growing impact on water and wastewater infrastructure buildout in the U.S. Charlie outlines three main factors driving interest and policy changes in collaborative delivery:

  1. Legislative momentum
  2. Demonstrated activity and a growing portfolio of projects
  3. Other factors such as utilities’ financial constraints, aging infrastructure, regulatory pressure, and climate change

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