Regulating PFAS in Drinking Water: Who Will Bear the Burden?

23 Apr 2024  |  Episode #93  |  with Greg Goodwin

Bluefield’s latest remediation forecast for PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) has surged to US$13.5 billion by 2030 in the wake of anticipated maximum contamination limits (MCLs) for drinking water and a significant legal settlement involving 3M in South Carolina. Now, with the EPA confirming these unprecedented contaminant limits, a fresh wave of discussions emerge, touching upon the EPA’s authority, states’ rights, and the subsequent course of action including the management and responsibility of biosolids disposal—who’s ultimately responsible?

In this episode, Podcast Host Reese Tisdale engages in a deep dive discussion with Bluefield’s Senior Research Director, Greg Goodwin (a.k.a. Bluefield’s policy watcher), exploring recent policy developments regulating ‘forever chemicals’ in drinking water and their potential ramifications on regulatory frameworks. Key talking points cover what is PFAS (for anyone not in the know), the implications of the EPA establishing its new MCLs for PFAS, the ripple effects on wastewater, and the potential influence of upcoming elections on these policies.

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