Top Companies in Water: Financial Signals and Market Trends, Q2 2023

13 Jul 2023
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Water markets, globally, are in transition with critical inputs being influenced by inflation, climate change, pandemic-related lockdowns, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and overarching concerns about recession. 

These factors, among others, are increasingly evident in company financial reports and presentations that warrant analysis. For this reason, Bluefield Research’s team of water experts supports clients with ongoing quarterly analysis of identifiable trends and market signals highlighted in the financial reports (e.g., 10–K, 10–Q), investor calls, and presentations of publicly traded companies holding positions in water, wastewater, and stormwater for the municipal and industrial sectors.

The 50 companies tracked by our team are segmented by the following categories: Treatment Technologies & Solutions, Hardware & Infrastructure, Engineering Services, Digital Water Solutions, and Utility Services. The data and analysis contained in this report highlight key factors shaping not only the segments but also the individual companies.

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