PFAS: Drinking Water Treatment Regulations, Technologies, and Remediation Forecast 2022–2030

15 May 2022
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Highly affected U.S. states, such as Michigan, New York, and New Jersey have sought to implement their own regulatory limits on PFAS concentrations in drinking water ahead of a slower moving federal government. Now, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the position to crack down on these chemicals in various water sources, including implementing drinking water maximum contaminant levels for PFOA & PFOS by Fall 2023, all states find themselves in the position of growing PFAS remediation need. At the same time, concern over how PFAS makes its way back into groundwater or into plant and animal uptake through biosolid land applications is threatening to disrupt the biosolids market.

This Insight Report supports water and wastewater utilities as well as PFAS technology providers with detailed data, market and policy trend analysis, and growth forecasts in U.S. PFAS remediation projects and biosolid market adjustments. Bluefield’s analysis of the market includes examination of policy shifts, technology trends, and strategies influencing the deployment of their innovative solutions.


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Table of Contents

Section 1: U.S. Drinking Water PFAS Policy and Legal Action

  • Federal Regulatory Trajectory
  • PFAS State Drinking Water Policy
  • States Propose and Adopt Drinking Water MCLs
  • Expanding State Regulation Landscape
  • PFAS Sites Identified Proliferate across the Country
  • PFAS Sparks Legal Action against Suppliers
  • Infrastructure Funding Drives PFAS Investment
  • Key PFAS Funding Channels
  • Investment in Technology Innovation
  • PFAS Action Expands to Investor-owned Utilities

Section 2: U.S. Drinking Water Remediation Forecasts

  • Key Market Assumptions: Treatment System Addressable Market
  • Total Drinking Water Market Forecast, 2022–2030
  • Drinking Water Market Forecasts by Technology, 2022–2030
  • Drinking Water Market Forecasts Top 20 States, 2022–2030

Section 3: PFAS Treatment Technologies and Case Studies

  • PFAS Treatment: Established and Emerging Technologies
  • Maturity of PFAS Treatment Technologies
  • Emerging Drinking Water Technologies Overview
  • PFAS Concentration, Chain Length, and Removal Capabilities
  • Technology Case Study: Placentia, Orange County, California
  • Technology Case Study: Villa Park, Orange County, California
  • Technology Case Study: Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Technology Case Study: Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  • Technology Case Study: Brunswick County, North Carolina

Section 4: U.S. Biosolids Market and Business Models

  • Sewage Sludge Production across the U.S.
  • Wastewater Treatment Saleable Byproducts at Risk
  • Biosolids Market Opportunity Dependent on Beneficial Use across the U.S.
  • Rising Landfill Tipping Fees Drive Biosolids Market across the U.S.
  • Biosolid Incineration Facilities and Equipment on the Decline
  • Biosolid Commercial Costs and Value Comparison
  • Outsourced v.s In-house Biosolids Management Strategies
  • Sludge Production and Disposal Use and Costs: PFAS Risks

Section 5: PFAS Action Expands Globally

  • Global PFAS Policy Approaches
  • Efforts to Rein in PFAS Contamination Expands Globally
  • European Union Puts Forth Strong PFAS Action

Section 6: Company Profiles

Companies Profiled

Technology Providers:

AqueosUS Tech
Calgon Carbon
Filtra Systems
H2O Innovate
Resin Tech
Veolia Water Technologies


Biosolids Maintenance and Service Provider

BCR Environmental
Burch Hydro
Casella Waste Systems
Denali Water Solutions
Resource Mgt. Inc.
Schwing Bioset
Veolia Water Technologies


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List of Exhibits

  1. The Utility Water Cycle and PFAS Impacts
  2. Federal Regulatory Timeline
  3. PFAS State Drinking Water Landscape Overview
  4. State Water Infrastructure, Estimated PFAS Contamination,and MCLs for PFAS Compounds (ppt)
  5. State Water Infrastructure, Estimated PFAS Contamination,and Regulations for PFAS Compounds (ppt)
  6. PFAS Contamination Extent by State
  7. Recent PFAS Litigation
  8. IIJA PFAS Allocations
  9. PFAS State Revolving Fund Appropriations, Fiscal Year PFASAppropriations
  10. Emerging PFAS Technologies & Providers
  11. PFAS Activity Among Leading Investor-Owned Utilities
  12. Top-Down View of Addressable Market
  13. Total Market Spend CAPEX + OPEX, 2022–2030
  14. Combined CAPEX + OPEX by Technology, 2022–2030
  15. CAPEX + OPEX Top 20 States, 2022–2030
  16. PFAS Treatment Technology Landscape
  17. Drinking Water PFAS Treatment Technology Timeline
  18. Emerging Technology Descriptions
  19. PFAS Treatment Technology Comparison
  20. Sewage Sludge Production by State
  21. Wastewater Treatment Processes & Byproducts
  22. Biosolids Use & Disposal Mechanisms
  23. Year- over- Year Tipping Fees by Region
  24. Number of Incineration Facilities by State
  25. Economics of Biosolids Applications
  26. Biosolids Management Operating Models
  27. Sludge Production and Disposal Costs
  28. PFAS Nationwide Growth Markets
  29. ECHA Major PFAS Actions
  30. European Union PFAS Action Summary
  31. PFAS Technology Portfolios of Representative Companies
  32. PFAS Technology Portfolios of Representative Companies, Emerging
  33. Service Offerings of Biosolid Providers

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