IOU Water Utility Rate Case Data


Clients rely on our water rate case data to understand the nature of utility rate cases.

Bluefield’s Private Water team regularly upkeeps a comprehensive dataset of pending and finished litigation in water rate cases. We map out trends in these cases as well as provide URL & Docket information when available, giving our clients immediate, up-to-date access to the latest in Private Water rate litigation.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • Which states see the most rate cases filed?
  • Which companies file the most rate cases?
  • What is the return on equity?

How do I access Bluefield’s rate case data?

Client access to our Rate Case Data Dashboard is through our Private Water Corporate Subscription.

What are Bluefield’s data sources for this info?

Bluefield gathered this data by analyzing general rate case applications filed with the public utility commissions.

How often is the data updated?

We update our rate case data on a bi-annual basis but will update more frequently when new cases emerge.

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