Digital Water: Key Trends, Project Activity, and Market Outlook, Q2 2024

24 Jun 2024
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Cybersecurity remains a key focus for water policy and digital water vendors. In a recent report, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed that at least 70% of inspected water systems fail to meet basic cybersecurity requirements. Cyberattacks continue to impact water utility operations in the U.S. and abroad (France and Poland), and many have been attributed to belligerent state actors (Russia and China). In response, digital water vendors have ramped up their operational technology cybersecurity capabilities. On the policy side, U.S. federal and state agencies have respectively sought to establish regulations and share relevant tools with vulnerable water systems. 

This quarterly analysis highlights key trends in project and policy development, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), and early-stage funding in the global digital water market. Notable market events in digital water are included in this analysis. The data collected in this analysis is also presented in Bluefield’s Data Navigator, an online, interactive platform for projects, M&A, forecasts, and market data shaping global water markets. 

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