Water Reuse Builds Momentum in Europe

25 Jul 2023  |  Episode #75  |  with Chloé Meyer, Ethan Edwards, Zineb Moumen

In Europe, the need for sustainable water management solutions has been magnified by last summer’s drought and record-breaking temperatures. The increasing severity of water stress remains a key driver behind the implementation of wastewater reuse. Particularly, in Southern Europe where water stress is more pronounced, the reuse market has witnessed greater development, although with challenges associated with funding and regulations.

As a consequence, some Mediterranean countries have become notable leaders in the adoption of reuse projects, mainly focused on facilitating agricultural irrigation, and to a lesser extent irrigation of landscapes and recreational areas. 

In this episode, The Future of Water host, Reese Tisdale, is joined by Bluefield analysts Chloé Meyer, Zineb Moumen, and Ethan Edwards to discuss the research methodology behind their latest analysis of Europe’s municipal wastewater reuse market.

Key talking points:

  • How is the EU policy landscape changing?
  • Which countries are driving wastewater reuse in Europe?
  • A look at market attractiveness by country
  • What is the size of the market?

Bonus Content: Reese brings in Bluefield Senior Analyst Ethan Edwards to discuss his analysis of the 3M PFAS settlement. While there has been a fair amount of analysis on how utilities will address PFAS and emerging contaminants, the 3M settlement is a path to targeting the production source.

As discussed, Bluefield’s updated PFAS remediation forecast estimates that drinking water utilities will spend a total of nearly US$13.5 billion between 2023 – 2030, up from a previously forecasted total of US$6 billion because of pending EPA guidlines and the legal settlements.

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