Looking into 2024: Key Water Trends to Watch in the EU

2 Jan 2024  |  Episode #85  |  with Chloe Meyer, Keith Hays

In this first episode of 2024, podcast host Reese Tisdale chats with two members of Bluefield’s Europe team, Chloé Meyer and Keith Hays, to get their on-the-ground perspectives of key water sector trends in the EU. From water quality to reuse to circular economy, Bluefield’s water experts discuss what, if any, the implications are for water management in relation to energy prices and the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

This discussion addresses three major questions:

  1. What are some of the biggest factors influencing, if not disrupting, the water sector in Europe?
  2. What are the key challenges and opportunities in the European water sector that businesses looking to break into the market should be aware of?
  3. How can emerging technologies, such as digital water tech and business models, contribute to the growth of businesses in the European water sector?

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