Catalonia Activates Multi-Pronged Drought Response

3 Jul 2023
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On 19 May 2023, Catalonia’s government announced Law 9/2023 laying out extreme, urgent measures to address exceptional drought afflicting the region including €50 million (US$55 million) of emergency infrastructure funding. The law aims to enable local governments to guarantee domestic drinking water service and plan urgent, emergency investments as needed to shore up their systems. 

Specifically, it fast-tracks the contracting process and financing for a series of drought remediation projects. These projects comprise an extensive list of new pipelines, treatment capacity expansions, and plant construction that reflects a multi-pronged approach to drought. 

In this Research Note:

  • Wastewater reuse emerges as go-to supply option
  • Desalination offers insurance against longer-term scarcity
  • Municipalities double down on leakage management, implement digital solutions
  • Formidable local competitive landscape heating up for new contracts 

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