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8 Feb 2023

Badger Meter Turns Up Pressure with Syrinix 
On 5 January 2023, Badger Meter, a U.S.-based provider of water metering and flow instrumentation solutions, announced its acquisition of U.K.-based Syrinix for £15 million (US$18 million) in an all-cash deal.

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The role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Digital Water 

GIS facilitates integration, coordination, and analysis of disparate hardware and software, workers and processes, and departments and datasets across space and time. Bluefield was pleased to collaborate with...
28 Sep. 2021

Covid-19 Water Industry Impact: Navigating toward Resiliency 

Water & wastewater system owners and operators have been thrust into uncharted territory as Covid-19 wreaks havoc on national healthcare systems and economies, globally.
25 Apr. 2020

Realizing the Value of Change with Advanced Asset Management 

Bluefield was pleased to collaborate with Arcadis on this White Paper. The full White Paper is available for complimentary download on Arcadis’ website here. This...
9 Mar. 2020

Demystifying Intelligent Water: Creating a Human-centric Future with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics 

What are the most critical and complex challenges facing U.S. water utilities, and can Intelligent Water help solve them? Bluefield Research created this complimentary White...
10 Jun. 2019