COVID-19 Water Industry Impact: Navigating toward Resiliency

25 Apr 2020
Complimentary analysis

COVID-19 and the associated economic fallout present a significant threat to water & wastewater utility service workforces, budgets, and supply chains. As system owners and operators are thrust into uncharted territory, their ability to sustain essential services is being tested in unprecedented ways.

The remainder of 2020 promises to be one of the most difficult years for the global economy since the Great Depression. The water industry, however, faces an enormous opportunity to rise to the occasion by realizing step changes in investment levels and operational improvements. These changes  can prepare and insulated cities and stakeholders against future disruptions.

In this white paper, Bluefield water experts analyze:

  • How will a recession influence capital and operating budgets?
  • Why is this a wake-up call for an industry-wide rethink?
  • What does this mean for utility, workforce management, affordability, resilience planning, and more?
  • What role can digital technologies play in a new paradigm?

At Bluefield Research, our team of water experts understand many of the challenges facing organizations across the water value chain. We also believe in the opportunities that lie ahead. For this reason, companies and utilities rely on our independent perspectives and insights, including addressable market forecasts, competitive analysis, infrastructure investment trends, and bottom-up project data to strengthen their decision-making processes.