Demystifying Intelligent Water: Creating a Human-centric Future with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

10 Jun 2019
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Intelligent Water empowers utilities to make insight-driven decisions

Our research started with a big question: What are the most critical and complex challenges facing U.S. water utilities, and can Intelligent Water help solve them? The short answer is yes. It can empower utility leaders to develop fit-for-future organizations and make insight-driven decisions that improve quality of life.

Realizing the benefits of Intelligent Water starts with an open mind. Maintaining the status quo keeps utilities stuck in reactive mode and leaves opportunities on the table. Advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, coupled with a culture of innovation, can be transformative.

“The research indicates that only 21 percent of utilities feel they are fully able to cover costs of service,” said Eric Bindler, Research Director, Bluefield Research. “Meanwhile, it is possible that 36 percent of households won’t be able to afford water in the next five years. It’s clear that resilience and affordability are the biggest concerns facing utilities.”

Change doesn’t need to be monumental to have an impact. Steady forward momentum can improve adoption and ensure sustainability.

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