The Role of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in Digital Water

28 Sep 2021
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This report, created in collaboration with ESRI, discusses how GIS is the foundation for digital water transformation. For complimentary access to the full white paper, follow this link on Esri’s website.

Utilities’ core function is the timely, orderly movement of water flows, wastewater, and stormwater. From the plant to the tank to the tap, and back to the plant for treatment and discharge—location is critical in the water industry. 

GIS facilitates integration, coordination, and analysis of disparate hardware and software, workers and processes, and departments and datasets across space and time. This report discusses how GIS is the foundation for digital water transformation.

“Water industry analysts Bluefield Research view GIS as one of the top growth areas for digital water investment, on par with other key segments such as SCADA HMI, enterprise asset management, and hydraulic modeling. Water utility investments in GIS software are projected to see near double-digit growth annually over the next decade, as utilities around the country and the world harness GIS as the bedrock of their digital transformation initiatives.”

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