U.S. and Canada Municipal Utility Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Data


Clients rely on our CIP data to drive their business development strategies.

Bluefield’s team of water experts has dedicated significant time and resources to supporting companies with bottom-up data collection and analysis of more than 760 capital improvement plans (CIP) for the largest water & wastewater utilities across the U.S. & Canada.

These CIPs translate utility capital needs into market opportunities for technology & equipment vendors, and engineering & construction firms. Bluefield has systematically organized and categorized hundreds of thousands of projects across 48 distinct areas, categories, and sub-segments.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • Which utilities are trending toward advanced treatment solutions?
  • Which states present larger opportunities for our business development team?
  • What is our addressable market for utilities serving over >50,000 customers?
  • What major capital improvement projects are coming down
    the pipeline for our utility clients?

How do I access Bluefield’s CIP data?

Client access to our CIP Data Dashboard is through our Municipal Water Corporate Subscription. We also offer CIP data for digital water projects through our Digital Water Corporate Subscription.

Can I download the raw data?

As a Data Navigator seat holder, you can download the raw data in CSV format.

Can I see the underlying CIP documents?

Data Navigator seat holders can access individual links to the CIP budgets by state and utility.

Become a Data Navigator Seat Holder

Bluefield’s Data Navigator platform offers layers of water market intelligence that have a positive impact on our business development strategy. The ability to drill down to the project level in capital improvement plans [CIP], while understanding a larger scope, allows us to efficiently evaluate addressable and identifiable opportunities with greater confidence.

Manager, Water Markets & Strategy, Kiewit