Pipe Network Forecast Data


Clients rely on our infrastructure data
to validate their strategic plans.

As a part of our continuing coverage of Municipal Water assets in North America, Bluefield Research has modeled and projected the markets for Pipe Network Assets for all 50 states until the end of the decade.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • How are U.S. distribution & collection networks segmented, geographically?
  • Which pipe materials will gain market share over the next decade?
  • How are associated hardware segments impacted by network growth?

How do I access Bluefield’s pipe network data?

Client access to Bluefield’s Data Navigator platform is available with report purchase or through our Municipal Water Corporate Subscription.

How often is your pipe network data updated?

Our pipe network forecast data is updated on an annual basis.

Does the data include pumps, valves and other hardware in addition pipes?

Yes. Our water and sewer forecast includes all underground network infrastructure including pipes and fittings, valves, manholes and hydrants.

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As most people know, Amazon is a very data-driven culture. Having the depth of market intelligence and the ability to dive deep into the Bluefield Navigator has been invaluable to our team. We are able to quickly generate defensible insights that guide our decision-making process.

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