Global Water M&A Data


Clients rely on our M&A data to track deal flow and company strategies across global water markets.

Our M&A dataset offers a comprehensive look at deals done across eight segments in Water. The data goes back to 2015 and is updated quarterly. Our dashboard visualizes M&A activity over time, by geography, and by relevant segmentation, including types of buyers and targets, and value chain positioning of buyers.

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • What were the biggest water M&A deals last quarter and how does this compare to previous years?
  • Which segments are getting the most investment?
  • Which utilities are growing through acquisition and where?

How do I access Bluefield’s M&A data?

Client access to Bluefield’s Data Navigator platform is available with a Water M&A Corporate Subscription.

Can I download the raw M&A data for myself?

Data Navigator seat holders can download the raw data in CSV format with the click of a button.

What water segments are being tracked in Bluefield’s M&A dataset?

Digital Water, Engineering Services, Midstream, Network and Distribution, Private Water, Treatment and Diversified players.

How often is your water M&A deal data updated?

Our M&A dashboard is updated on a quarterly basis along with our M&A Quarterly Updates.

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As most people know, Amazon is a very data-driven culture. Having the depth of market intelligence and the ability to dive deep into the Bluefield Navigator has been invaluable to our team. We are able to quickly generate defensible insights that guide our decision-making process.

Worldwide Head of Development, AWS Water