Benchmarking Business Models to Develop a Wastewater Reuse Strategy


Guiding a water and wastewater services provider in their commercial strategy for wastewater reuse projects

The Challenge

A large Australian water utility sought to understand and compare both the Australian and international markets for wastewater reuse, as well as specific schemes and their business model implications. The utility hired Bluefield Research to conduct a global survey and analysis of reuse projects, to identify key features enabling the commercialization of reclaimed water.  

Bluefield Engagement

Bluefield first reviewed the drivers and regulatory frameworks for reuse in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, identifying dominant wastewater recycling applications and key projects. Bluefield produced a detailed analysis of ten reuse schemes spanning the three target regions, in view of understanding the enabling environment behind each project—including rationale, policy framework, technical feasibility, off-takers profiles, and economics. Reviewing existing commercialization strategies was a core element of the project, and provided insights on reclaimed water tariffs and contracts structuration, partnership opportunities, investment approaches, and overall business models. 

Accelerating Outcomes

Bluefield synthesized analysis of the reuse schemes into actionable recommendations for the client. These included key elements for limiting commercial risk through balancing base profiles of reclaimed water customers, cost-efficiently developing distribution infrastructure, and achieving optimum commercialization and value generation.  

Helping companies regain visibility into the water market

Whether you’re focused on transformational technologies and regulatory developments or looking for third-party validation to enter or understand an established space, Bluefield’s team of water experts has the depth in industry expertise and contacts to fit your needs.