Water Solutions for Commercial Building Infrastructure: Market Dynamics and Competitive Landscape (France, Germany, UK)

17 Oct 2017
Available with corporate subscription

As European governments strive toward energy-efficiency targets of 2030 and the broader goal to establish a decarbonized building stock by 2050, water management within buildings has emerged as a key area of focus. France, Germany and the UK contain over 49% of the 6.9 billion m2 of non-residential building stock in Europe.

With an estimated annual value of US$857 million, the market for water management equipment and services is growing between 1% to 3% per year.  As players compete on price, product breadth, and efficiency, a growing trend toward connectivity in building design, construction, and management is influencing a shift towards digitally connected water management equipment.

Bluefield water experts have just released a new 40-slide Market Brief designed for companies assessing opportunities for water management in the commercial building sector.  Topics covered include:

  • Market Overview of Commercial Building Stock in Europe
  • Policy and Market Environment for Water Management Solutions
  • Competitive Landscape and profiles of key companies active in the four markets

Report Features

  • Overview of applicable building stock in Europe, and key markets
  • Market drivers and inhibitors for water management solutions in commercial buildings
  • Competitive analysis including supply chain and positioning of leading companies offering water management solutions to the commercial buildings market.
  • M&A activity and trends impacting landscape
  • Market overview: Annual size across four product applications, market leaders in France, Germany, and the UK
  • Company profiles of key players active in France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and the EU globally