Biogas Strategies to Emerge in Tight Energy Markets

8 Mar 2022
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On 02 February 2022, TotalEnergies and Veolia announced an agreement to produce biomethane from Veolia’s water and wastewater treatment plants, spanning fifteen countries. The resulting biomethane from organic waste will be used as a renewable fuel for natural gas substitutions.

The partnership between oil and gas giant, TotalEnergies, and “Big Water” firm, Veolia, is projected to produce 1.5 terawatt-hours of biomethane annually by 2025. The partnership of these two, French nationally championed companies bridges a critical gap between the water sector and energy services.

In this Research Note:

  • Water-energy partnership to circumvent traditional capital market barriers
  • Biogas capture emerges as a global opportunity
  • Disrupted energy markets thrust utilities into uncertain positions


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