Trenchless Players Move to Redefine Pipe Market: Forecasts, Competitive Positioning, and Water Market Trends

15 Sep 2020
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The 2.2 million miles of drinking water pipe and 1.8 million miles of wastewater pipe installed across the U.S. vary significantly in age and material type. With current annual replacement rates less than 1% and looming financial constraints on utilities increasing, the profile and solutions to expedite infrastructure replacement are more critical than ever.

Trenchless technology deployment is shaped by key factors including asset type, location, economics, and application. The use of trenchless technologies is expected to gain additional momentum on the heels of a new, recessionary environment. This will usher in opportunities for a host of approximately 25 leading players–established and newer market entrants–positioning across the value chain through vertical integration to specialist providers.

Bluefield’s team of water experts analyzes the impacts of these factors to forecast the market size and drivers influencing trenchless technologies from 2020 to 2030.

In this Market Insight we analyze:

  • Current state of U.S. pipe infrastructure
  • Underlying market drivers for trenchless solutions
  • Benchmarking trenchless technologies
  • Market forecast by geography and technology
  • Competitive landscape and positioning

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary : Background & Takeaways
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Aging Pipe Networks Across the U.S.
    • Average Age of Pipe Infrastructure, by Region
  4. Material Shift of Collection & Distribution Network Highlights Evolving Needs
    • Historical Pipe Material Usage
  5. Trenchless Poised to Disrupt Water Sector
  6. Trenchless Technology Definitions
  7. Key Drivers of Trenchless Technology Deployment
  8. Housing Starts Indicate Regional Demands
    • U.S. Housing : Building Permits (2018 – June 2020)
  9. Urbanization Rates to Date Shape Addressable Market
    • Rate of Urbanization, by State
  10. Trenchless Technology Spend Overview, 2020-2030
    • Spend by Segment, 2020-2030
    • Trenchless Spend by Region Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  11. Trenchless Spend by Segment, 2020-2030
    • Trenchless Spend by Segment Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  12. Trenchless Spend by New and Rehab, 2020-2030
    • Trenchless Technology Spend Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  13. Trenchless Technology CAPEX and OPEX, 2020-2030
    • Trenchless Technology Spend Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  14. Trenchless Spend by Technology
    • Trenchless Spend by Technology Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  15. Trenchless Spend by Diameter, 2020-2030
    • Trenchless Spend by Pipe Diameter Year-Over-Year, 2020-2030
  16. Trenchless Technology Cost Assumptions
  17. Trenchless Technology Value Chain (Select Companies)
  18. Trenchless Technology Company Type
    • Companies by Specialty and Core Technology
  19. Trenchless Construction and Rehab M&A Activity (2016-2020)
    • Trenchless M&A Activity (2016-2020)