The Global Water Metering Landscape: Technology Shifts and Competitive Strategies

24 Oct 2022
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Metering firms are frequently viewed as the springboard for a water utility’s digital water journey, bridging communications between a water utility and its customer. Smart meters function as a cash register, enabling customer service and reducing customer disputes, and serving as a water conservation tool through consumption analysis. Utility meter adoption contributed to a meter stock estimate of 728 million meters in 2021, globally, with a projected spend of US$107 million over a 10-year period (2021–2030).

Adjusting to a motley of utility and geographic capabilities such as utility size breakdowns and adoption considerations, metering manufacturers are expanding their offerings across hardware, software, services, and connectivity solutions, competing with the growing sphere of telecoms, private equity firms, software, and service providers.

This analysis pulls from Bluefield’s proprietary meter implementation projects, M&A, VC databases, primary research, market analysis, and global digital water forecast. Encompassing four digital water product types–hardware, software, services, connectivity–this Insight Report evaluates the strategies of leading global metering firms with a focus on digital water portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms’ unique position in an accelerating global digital water market.

Table of Contents

This table of contents is preliminary and Bluefield reserves the right to modify its contents prior to publication.

Report Summary

Report Background and Takeaways

Section 1. Meter Market Drivers & Trends

1.1 Metering Product & Service Definitions

1.2 Global Meter Market Drivers

1.3 Smart Metering Policies & Regulatory Frameworks

1.4 Metering Supply Chain Trends

1.5 Key Considerations for Water Utilities

1.6 Global Meter Market Forecasts by Spend & Unit Sales

1.7 Meter Pricing Inputs by Market

1.8 Looking Forward – Market Variables to Watch

Section 2. Metering Technology Shifts

2.1 Metering Hardware Trends & Dynamics

2.2 Metering Software Trends & Dynamics

2.3 Metering Connectivity Trends & Dynamics

2.4 Metering Services Trends & Dynamics

Section 3. Metering Competitive Landscape

3.1 Meter Market Value Chain – Key Players & Competitive Trends

3.2 Revenues of Leading Global Metering Players

3.3 Markets & Capabilities of Leading Global Metering Players

3.4 Meter Market M&A Activity & Strategy

3.5 Adjacent Players to Watch – Metering Software, Services, Private Equity, Smart Home

Section 4. Company Profiles

4.1 Aclara (Hubbell)

4.2 Axioma

4.3 Badger Meter

4.4 Diehl Metering

4.5 Elster (Honeywell)

4.6 Hidroconta

4.7 Huizhong Instrumentation

4.8 Itron

4.9 Kamstrup

4.10 Landis+Gyr

4.11 Master Meter (Arad Group)

4.12 Metron Farnier

4.13 Mueller Water Products

4.14 Neptune Technologies

4.15 Sagemcom (Safran)

4.16 Sanchuan Wisdom

4.17 Sensus (Xylem)

4.18 Suntront Technology

4.19 Taggle

4.20 Zenner International

Appendix – Meter Product Specifications by Vendor

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