The Global Water Metering Landscape: Technology Shifts, Competitive Strategies, and Market Outlook

28 Mar 2023
In-depth Analysis / 20 Company Profiles
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The century-old water metering market is at an inflection point, as a host of new digitally enabled technologies and business models transform global water utilities’ relationships with their meters and meter providers. Against this backdrop, metering vendors face a host of macroeconomic, regulatory, and competitive shifts, from COVID-related supply chain shortages to a growing roster of agile newcomers and outsiders looking in.

Metering is the largest segment of the global digital water market, accounting for a third of total digital water spend. Bluefield projects that meter technology and services spend will scale at a 7.8% CAGR from US$7.5 billion in 2021 to US$14.7 billion in 2030, with 1.5 billion meters and endpoints sold.

This Insight Report provides an in-depth analysis of the global water metering market, including technology shifts, competitive dynamics, and market outlook. The report highlights emerging trends across the metering hardware, software, connectivity, and services landscape, and evaluates the strategic positioning of 20 top meter firms serving diverse global markets, as well as the broader ecosystem of metering software and services firms.

Key Questions Addressed in This Report

  • What is the outlook ($ spend and unit sales) for the global metering market by country and by technology segment
  • What is the market share of key metering companies and what are their expansion strategies
  • How are technology shifts—such as the shift from mechanical to static meters—impacting market growth opportunities
  • What are the distinct capabilities of leading metering vendors and how do vendors differentiate themselves?
  • What are the market factors and trends driving metering hardware, software, services, and connectivity investment
  • How is the water metering market impacted by supply chain challenges, including the semiconductor shortage
  • How are software and telecom firms competing in the metering space?

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