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U.S. Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts, 2016-2025

10 September 2016
Focus Report

We have released a newer version of our Water Infrastructure CAPEX Forecasts . This report is included in with a US & Canada Municipal Insight service subscription. Follow this link to purchase and download.

More than 50% of U.S. municipal water & wastewater infrastructure is nearing the end of its useful life with over 240,000 water main breaks per year. Over the next ten years, municipal utilities have set the stage for over US$532 billion in capital improvements to address deteriorating piping networks, combined sewer overflows, and rising population demands for new water supplies. This new report is essential for companies evaluating water infrastructure planning in the U.S. Topics covered include:

  • Section 1: The US Municipal Water Landscape
  • Section 2: Infrastructure Investment Drivers
  • Section 3: Regulatory and Funding Landscape
  • Section 4: State by State Forecasts, 2016-2025
  • Section 5: Emerging Solutions to the U.S. Infrastructure Gap
  • Section 6: Municipal Utility Rankings
  • Section 7: 60+ Utility Company Profiles
Key questions addressed in this report:
  • What is the size of the U.S. municipal water infrastructure market?
  • Where is the spend forecasted to take place by state and region?
  • Which utilities are poised for the largest expenditures?
  • How do states and regions vary by new build versus rehabilitation?
  • Which sub-segments represent the largest share of spend: pipes, pumps, or plants?
Access to Data Appendix (xlsx) included with purchase:
  • Capital improvement plan details for 60 largest US utilities
  • State by state forecast data to 2025 (includes methodology and assumptions)
  • US EPA Consent Order Decrees and financial impacts
  • Regional CAPEX forecasts by pipes, pumps, plants, and other
  • New vs rehabilitated pipe forecasts
Who should buy this report – U.S. Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts: 2016-2025
  • Water technology firms seeking insights into advanced water treatment opportunities across the U.S. municipal utility sector.
  • Supply chain companies in need of critical analysis on CAPEX trends and forecasts by utility, state, and region.
  • EPC firms looking to stress-test their strategies and validate strategic decisions through an un-biased, independent perspective
  • Infrastructure investors looking for guidance to support M&A and investment decisions.
  • Financial organizations requiring transparent analysis of the U.S. municipal utility regulatory environment and key drivers for growth.

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