Global Industrial Water Market Overview

22 Feb 2024
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The industrial sector’s increasing demand for advanced water and wastewater solutions, spanning the entire process from supply to discharge, is gaining significant traction, globally. This market is characterized by diversity and fragmentation, with geographical and vertical distinctions influencing strategies for water and wastewater management. 

Bluefield tracks the pivotal shifts across the varied industrial verticals and assess the potential implications for water and wastewater management.

  • The energy transition: As global pressure to reduce carbon emissions accelerates, ‘dirty’ power generation sources (e.g., coal) are on the decline, and cleaner sources (e.g., wind, solar) are gaining market share. The transition impacts numerous sectors’ water usage and management, from power to mining.  
  • Rising data demand: The digital revolution and growing interest in artificial intelligence has increased the need for data centers, contributing to explosive growth in water consumption.
  • Corporate sustainability: Growing stakeholder demand to improve the sustainability of operations is pressuring companies to set water management targets and ramp up investments in water efficiency, conservation, and reuse.

Industrial water use surpasses municipal demand

Globally, industrial water use comprises 19% of water withdrawals, surpassing municipal demand. Large quantities of water consumption and discharge from industrial sites—ranging from power plants to paper manufacturing facilities—can have significant impacts on local watersheds and utility infrastructure. 

Technology's role in reducing reliance on source water

Market disruptors—new technologies, climate change—reshape how companies are investing in water and wastewater. To mitigate water-related climate risks, facilities may install an array of technologies to combat water availability or flooding concerns. Technologies include water reuse systems and rain harvesting tanks to reduce reliance on source water. 

Industrial water sector an attractive segment for investment and solution deployment

Compared to municipal water, the industrial water market is faster moving with greater capital availability, making it an attractive segment for investment and solution deployment. Leaders in the space (e.g., Veolia, Ecolab, Xylem, Saur) offer a wide array of products and services to cover multiple industrial verticals with varying water & wastewater needs. 

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