U.S. Municipal Water & Sewer: Annual Utility Rate Index, 2023

8 Nov 2023
Complimentary analysis

Bluefield Research has for the eighth consecutive year engaged in a comprehensive analysis of water and sewer rates for 50 of the largest U.S. cities. This analysis considers the associated impacts on residential water and sewer bills, as ratepayers represent the primary funding source for municipal operating expenditures.

Across 50 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas, monthly household water bills averaged US$50.61 and monthly sewer bills averaged US$71.16 based on average household consumption. The combined water and sewer bill for a typical U.S. household has increased by 56.2% since 2012.

Monthly water bills range from a low of US$19.51 in San Antonio, Texas, to a high of US$121.68 in Portland, Oregon. Monthly sewer bills range from a low of US$11.24 in Long Beach, California, to a high of US$170.40 in Seattle, Washington.

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