Brazil’s Private Water Landscape: Key Policies, Competitive Positioning, and Market Trends

13 Jul 2023
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Brazil’s water sector has undergone significant changes in recent years as the country pushes to achieve universal service coverage by 2033. Coverage targets set out in the National Plan for Basic Sanitation (PLANSAB) in 2014 and the new sanitation legal framework introduced in 2020 supported a more coordinated policy environment, facilitated greater transparency for tenders, and increased competition for private participation.

Despite these improvements, service coverage has risen far slower than expected as annual infrastructure investments remain less than half of what is needed to reach universalization targets. As of 2021, approximately 34 million people in Brazil still lacked access to drinking water, while roughly 100 million people lacked access to sanitary sewage service.

As pressure builds for municipalities to demonstrate financial capacity to meet 2033 targets, increased private participation in service provision is expected. Scheduled tenders offer investment opportunities of an estimated US$3.4 billion through 27 different tenders across 16 states.

Table of Contents

Sector Overview

  • Access to Water and Sanitation in Brazil
  • Total Market Size by Connections
  • Total Market Size by Revenue
  • Total Market Size by Investments Made
  • Water & Wastewater Infrastructure Spending
  • Private Investment by State
  • Municipal Water & Wastewater Operators
  • State Sanitation Companies

Regulatory Landscape

  • Key Policies
  • PLANSAB Overview
  • PLANSAB Progress
  • New Sanitation Legal Framework
  • Tender Process Overview
  • Market Entry Barriers

Private Concessions Market

  • Private Concession Footprint
  • Tender Awards, 1994–2022
  • Concession Modalities
  • Leading Private Concessionaires
  • Populations Serviced Over Time
  • Contracts Awarded by Company
  • Concession Market Competitive Positioning
  • Major Concessions Awarded
  • Upcoming Tenders
  • SABESP Privatization Case Study

Company Profiles

  • Aegea
  • Águas do Brasil
  • BRK Ambiental
  • Iguá Saneamento
  • Aviva
  • Allonda
  • CGGC
  • Conasa
  • Equatorial
  • GS Inima Brasil
  • Hidroforte

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