What’s the Addressable Market for Water Utility Consolidation?

6 Jun 2023  |  Episode #72  |  with Isabel Kezman

There are over 72,000 community water systems and wastewater treatment facilities in the U.S. But what is the addressable market opportunity for water and wastewater for utilities and investors? And how do the opportunities vary by utility ownership, system size, and state?

Our clients have been asking Bluefield to size the municipal water and wastewater sectors to help support their market entry, investment, and consolidation strategies. In this case, the magic number is US$977 billion. What’s behind that number and how does the opportunity vary by water and wastewater?

Listen to this episode to learn more about sizing the market for utility consolidation opportunities. Reese Tisdale is joined by Isabel Kezman to discuss her recent in-depth data analysis of the U.S. municipal water sector.

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