Aegion Adds More Deals to the List

5 Sep 2023  |  Episode #77  |  with Ethan Edwards

In this episode, Bluefield’s water experts dive into Aegion’s acquisition of Portland Utilities Construction Company (PUCC), a trenchless service provider specializing in cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) and pipe bursting. PUCC serves the municipal market in Texas and the southeastern U.S. PUCC is Aegion’s sixth deal since 2021 and has significant market share in CIPP.

Aegion has also acquired Infraspec Services, their first foray into the Canadian lead pipeline replacement market, noting a move into lead service line replacement. Momentum continues to build for lead pipe replacement in the U.S., with the federal government channeling up to US$11.9 billion toward replacements in 2023.

The Future of Water

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