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Identifying Opportunities - Project-Level Utility CIP Analysis

U.S. & Canada Utility Capital Improvement Plans

  • Where are potential customers located
  • What projects match vendor products?
  • What is the available budget?

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Wastewater Emerges as a Growth Market for Investment

Given the mounting financial, environmental, and regulatory pressures, Bluefield is confident that the municipal wastewater segment is a space to watch, and we expect companies (including IOUs) to do the same.



What Is the Total Addressable Market for U.S. Water & Wastewater Utilities?

Bluefield’s TAM analysis sizes this market opportunity and estimates utility ownership of the country’s 183 million customer connections at US$977 billion. 


Grundfos Goes Deeper into Digital Water / The Future of Water

Danish pump manufacturer Grundfos has recently acquired U.K.-based telemetry and analytics firm Metasphere from private equity investor XPV Water Partners. What does the acquisition mean for Grundfos’ strategy and market positioning?