State Revolving Fund Data


Clients rely on our State Revolving Fund data to track trends in funding requests and understand state priorities.

Our State Revolving Fund data draws from analysis of over 26,000 funding requests and commitments across all 50 states. Bluefield’s team of water experts leverage individual project-level data to highlight trends in overall funding requests, system stress, and project types (e.g., pipe network, advanced treatment, reuse, PFAS).

This data helps our clients address key questions:

  • Which projects and utilities will receive funding from the Drinking Water and Clean Water SRF programs?
  • Which states will receive the most funding for water projects?
  • How much of each states’ requested funding is being awarded?

How do I access Bluefield’s State Revolving Fund data?

Client access to Bluefield’s SRF data is available with a Municipal Water Corporate Subscription.

Can I download the raw data?

As a Data Navigator seat holder, you can download the raw data in CSV format.

Does the data tell me whether the SRF projects are funded?

Our data splits the SRF into clean and drinking water and notes whether they were requested or actually funded.

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