U.S. State Revolving Funds 2022: Breaking Down Project Data by Requests and Distributions

13 Jan 2023
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The SRF programs are set to take on an even more prominent role in U.S. water, wastewater, and stormwater infrastructure investment with the November 2021 passage of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). Of the US$55 billion in federal dollars earmarked for the water sector over a five-year period in the IIJA, nearly 90% will be channeled through the existing CWSRF and DWSRF programs. By tracking SRF applicants, projects, and awarded funding by state and project type, Bluefield will evaluate progress toward key IIJA policy goals, such as scaling up funding for lead service line and PFAS remediation and expanding federal infrastructure investment in small, rural, or disadvantaged communities.

This Insight Report draws from the analysis of 14,085 funding requests and commitments by 6,727 utilities across all 50 U.S. states, representing US$28.1 billion in awarded funding. Backed by data from individual projects, Bluefield’s team of water experts identifies key trends and shifts in overall funding requests, including by state and project type.


Table of Contents

  • State Revolving Fund (SRF) Program Overview
  • SRF Analysis Methodology
  • Federal SRF Distributions Poised to Expand with Infrastructure Stimulus
  • SRF Program Demand Highlights Water Infrastructure Funding Needs
  • Mapping Clean Water & Drinking Water SRF Requests by State
  • Tracking Annual Variability in SRF Funding Requests
  • Quantifying DWSRF Program Utilization by State
  • Evaluating SRF Distributions by State
  • Breaking Down SRF Funding by Project Activity
  • Breaking Down SRF Funding by Project Type
  • Breaking Down SRF Funding by Applicant Status


List of Exhibits

  • Year-over-Year Binding Commitments of State Revolving Funds
  • Total Project Funding Requested by SRF Program, FY2021 / FY2022
  • DWSRF & CWSRF Program Requests by State, FY2021 / FY2022
  • YoY Change in Combined SRF Funding Requests by State, FY2021 / FY2022
  • Share (%) of Utilities Applying for & Receiving DWSRF Funding by State
  • State Revolving Fund Performance
  • Requested & Awarded SRF Funding by Project Activity, FY2021 / FY2022
  • Requested & Awarded SRF Funding by Project Type, FY2021 / FY2022
  • Utilities by Applicant Status
  • Awarded Funding by Applicant Status

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