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US & Canada Municipal WaterINSIGHT SERVICE

Data, Analysis, & Intelligence on Municipal Water & Wastewater Markets

How much infrastructure investment is needed across the municipal water landscape, which company strategies are evolving, and where is the opportunity? Our annual service is designed to address these questions and support companies through market forecasts, the identification of emerging trends, competitive mapping, and strategic guidance for key decision-makers.

The US & Canada Municipal Insight Service provides a steady stream of ongoing deliverables and analyst advice.

Our team of water experts are focused on addressing critical factors influencing water and wastewater infrastructure investment and planning, such as:

  • Resiliency and demand for sustainable, green solutions
  • Critical infrastructure– power, gas, water– converging in smart cities
  • Industry outsiders looking for scale and channels to market entry
  • Data and analytics and their role in a smarter water sector
  • Water supply risk sparking adoption of alternative water supplies, reclaimed wastewater poised for growth
  • The cost of water and emerging project finance alternatives (e.g. EIBs)
  • Utilities of the Future and key drivers behind the transition

Clients leverage our data-backed analysis and a transparent methodology:

  • Capital improvement and budget plans– CAPEX & OPEX
  • M&A and Investments: technology, service, and equipment; private equity & venture capital investor owned utilities
  • Utility water & wastewater rates by city and state
  • EPA consent decrees, state revolving funds, environmental violations
  • Smart Water contracts, forecasts, vendors
  • Operating and planned reuse projects by state and application
  • Detailed company profiles

Related Research Themes: Crumbling Infrastructure, Water Quality, M&A, Cost of Water, Water Reuse, Smart Water, Utility of the Future, Water Scarcity, Climate Change

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