Capturing Customer Perspectives to Shape Product Portfolio Strategy


Helping a leading water & wastewater management software provider regain visibility into the market by capturing Voice of Customer data and analysis.

The Challenge

A global, multi-sector software player with a strong position among water and sewer asset managers and consulting firms faced increasing competitive pressure to rationalize its broad product portfolio. The firm’s complex, multi-region, multi-partner sales channel strategy reduced the firm’s visibility into the market, and it lacked key customer segment perspectives to make informed decisions shaping its product portfolio. As a result, the company hired Bluefield Research to conduct a global Voice of Customer survey along with analysis to design its approach more confidently.

Bluefield Engagement

The project was structured around three key phases involving targeting, interviewing, and analyzing. Bluefield Research collaboratively defined selection criteria and built a database of utility water system and wastewater system operators as well as consulting firms potentially using the company’s suite of software. These operators and consultants were then targeted for interviews to capture valuable inputs into product design, pricing, and key marketing messages. Bluefield collaboratively developed an inquiry structure, compiled key context on the interviewee targets in terms of assets, and conducted dozens of interviews.

Accelerating Outcomes

Beyond echoing feedback, Bluefield synthesized these interviews into actionable recommendations for the client. These included a creating a path for migrating customers to more value-added product offerings, simplifying its messaging, and evolving its portfolio toward improved integration with other capabilities.    

Helping companies regain visibility into the water market

Whether you’re focused on transformational technologies and regulatory developments or looking for third-party validation to enter or understand an established space, Bluefield’s team of water experts has the depth in industry expertise and contacts to fit your needs.