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American Water Reiterates Growth Strategy 

American Water Works Corporation reported relatively stable first quarter earnings on 7 May 2014, with revenue climbing 7.2% to US$681.9 million. It reaffirmed its status as the largest investor-owned water utility in the US, present in 35 states, with the acquisition of three water systems in Indiana and Missouri– along with a pipeline of five other deals in California, Illinois and New York.


How We’re Overcoming Challenges in the Great Lakes 

Tim Eder, the Executive Director of the Great Lakes Commission, joins The Water Values Podcast this week. Tim passionately describes the issues affecting the Great Lakes, including pollution, invasive...

BLM and Water in the High Desert 

The Water Values Podcast welcomes Lisa Bryant and Jeremy Jarnecke from the Bureau of Land Management. Lisa is the Assistant Field Manager in BLM’s Moab Office, and Jeremy is the State Hyrdologist fo...

California Drought Sparks Innovative Solutions 

On 30 April 2014, The California Department of Water Resources released a report analyzing 5,400 groundwater wells across the state — signaling historic declines in water levels. Groundwater provides approximately 60% of California’s water supply in a dry year (40% in an average year) and 2013 was the driest in recorded history. In many areas of the San Joaquin Valley, recent groundwater levels are more than 100 feet below previous historical lows.


What Works in Water Education? 

The Water Values Podcast welcomes Nicole Seltzer for Session 11. Nicole is the Executive Director of the Colorado Foundation for Water Education (CFWE). She delves into great detail about water educat...

Mexico Earmarks Growth for Private Water 

On 28 April 2014 Mexico President announced the National Infrastructure Plan 2014-2018, a sweeping US$594 billion investment roadmap that includes 83 specific water sector projects (US$12.6bn) and an earmark for state water initiatives (US$19.5bn). This represents a doubling of investment compared to the previous plan and signals stronger public support for the sector.


Water as a Business Risk. And Opportunity. 

The Water Values Podcast turns 10 this week! At least in terms of sessions released. In this session, Deloitte Consulting’s Will Sarni joins us to talk about water as both a business risk and opport...

Independent Water & Power Providers 2014: Desalination Market Update 

Independent Water & Power Providers 2014: Desalination Market Update highlights recent development and trends for this currently niche market. The Data Insight details the net ownership positions for operating and planned projects through 2018.

This research draws on Bluefield published Focus Report, Global Desalination Market Trends & Ownership Strategies, 2014-2018, that provides an incisive analysis on global desalination markets and the sector’s competitive ownership landscape.

This Data Insight Includes:

  • Global Overview – IWPP Activity
  • GCC Region Recent IWPP Developments
  • IWPP Recent Developments Outside of GCC Region
  • IWPP Market Structure
  • IWPP Desalination Capacity Additions by Country
  • Top 20 IWPP Project Owners by Cumulative Capacity
  • Top 20 IWPP Project Owners by Company Type
  • Global IWPP Project Characteristics
  • Global IWPP Outlook by Country to 2018

Beijing Water Extends International Reach 

On 9 April 2014 Beijing Enterprises Water Group (BEWG) announced the formation of a joint venture to obtain a 25-year concession right to invest, construct, and operate three water supply plants in Medan City, Indonesia. These projects include guaranteed offtake from local water utility Peruasahaan Daerah Air Miunum Tirtanadi Provinsi Sumatera Utar, for 83,000 m3/day of capacity and require US$32 million of investment. Construction will commence the first half of 2014 for completion in 2015.


The Economics of Water 

This week, The Water Values Podcast welcomes noted economist and author David Zetland. David takes us on a wide-ranging interview where he discusses the relationship between the price of water, the va...