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Water Mergers & Acquisitions: Key Trends in a Changing Global Landscape

29 April 2017
Focus Report
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Water related M&A activity has been robust over the last three years, surpassing US$57 billion, globally, since the start of 2014. Intensifying concerns over water scarcity, water resource contamination, and shortfalls in municipal infrastructure investment drive a surge in optimism for growth and deal flow.

This new report from Bluefield Research, available for purchase and immediate download, evaluates the outlook, opportunities and trends in the water sector and impacts on the competitive landscape.

Bluefield analyzes 447 deals, the lion’s share of which centers largely on developed markets. The data shows there are no boundaries to M&A, as Asian investors look abroad, Brazil attracts foreign infrastructure investors, and technology solutions are applicable to developed and developing markets alike.

Key questions addressed:

  • What factors are driving M&A?
  • Which market segment is driving deal-flow?
  • How do EBITDA multiples vary by segment?
  • What role are financial investors playing?
  • Which countries are attracting the most activity?
  • What are the trends in utility and asset water acquisition, globally?
  • What trends do the transactions indicate year over year?

Key Features

  • Bottom-up M&A data from 2014-2016 (Excel)
  • Deal-flow analysis by quarter and year, 2014-2016
  • M&A trends by industry segment- acquirer & target
  • Analysis of acquiring companies and trends
  • Global technology, equipment & services activity
  • Global utility and treatment equity stakes
  • U.S. investor owned utility deal analysis
  • Company geography & deal flow map
  • EBITDA multiples by deal segment for announced companies
  • Key player types: treatment technology, smart water, EPC firms, financial investors, energy services, diversified industrials

Companies Mentioned

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