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Veolia + Suez to Benefit Global Water Sector

04 May 2021
Research Note

In April 2021, Veolia announced an end to the disputed takeover of Suez by agreeing on a price of €20.5 per share for the remaining 70.1% of its competitor. The two groups have been in a public battle since August 2020. For eight months Suez has pushed back against advances from Veolia in public via press releases, poison pills, and the entertainment of other suitors. Veolia’s winning offer values Suez at €13 billion (US$15 billion).

Aside from merging the two largest water companies, globally, the collateral impacts will be felt for years.

In this Research Note:

  • Suez gets a new look
  • Path for Suez digital
  • Mapping the “New Suez” portfolio
  • Post-acquisition competitive landscape


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