U.S. Municipal Pipe Markets: Trends, Opportunities, and a Changing Competitive Landscape in Water

4 May 2017
Available with corporate subscription

The new installation and rehabilitation of underground municipal infrastructure in the U.S. represents 51%, or US$272 billion, of forecasted capital expenditures over the next ten years. Hundreds of thousands of reported main breaks every year, coupled with 40% of water and wastewater pipe networks exceeding expected lives, have put a spotlight on the sector.

This new report, just-released from Bluefield, is essential for companies evaluating the outlook, opportunities, and trends in water and wastewater pipe infrastructure investment.

Report now available for download. Order today and gain immediate access. Sections include:

  1. Demand Drivers for Municipal Pipe Investment
  2. Technology and Material Shifts Impact Economics
  3. An Evolving Competition Landscape
  4. Pipe Market Forecasts to 2025
  5. Company Analysis of 140+ Pipe Manufacturers and Equipment Suppliers

This 75-slide report will answer these key questions and more:

  • What factors drive the market for pipe replacement?
  • Who are the main players competing for market share?
  • How is the U.S. pipe market segmented?
  • How are players differentiated from each other?
  • Which are the emerging trends and market disruptors?
  • What are potential areas for cost savers?
  • Where is municipal spend forecasted to take place by state and region
  • What is the outlook for the market?

Report Features

  • 75+ page report (PDF)
  • Bottom-up industry data (Excel)
  • Municipal pipe infrastructure forecasts to 2026, including regional and state-specific breakdowns
  • Transparent forecast methodology detailing key data inputs & assumptions
  • Overview of +140 companies, including geographic footprint, product diversification and sector coverage
  • Cost breakdown for pipe rollout and rehabilitation, including various forms of trenchless technologies
  • Competitive analysis of key players and value chain breakdown

Companies Mentioned

A H McElroy Sales & ServiceAB&I FoundryAdescorAdvantage PrecastAIL GroupAK TubeAmerican Cast Iron PipeAmerican Concrete ProductsAmeriTex Pipe & ProductsAquatherm North AmericaArmtec InfrastructureBates Precast ConcreteBattenfeld-Cincinnati USABaughman Tile CompanyBig R BridgeBlue Diamond IndustriesBorealisBoughton's PrecastBow Plumbing GroupC & K Johnson IndustriesCanada PipeCascase Concrete ProductsCemcast Pipe & PrecastCEMEXCentennial PlasticsCharter PlasticsChevron GroupCLOW Water SystemsCo-Pipe ProductsConcrete IndustriesConcrete Pipe & PrecastContech Engineered SolutionsCormaCrumpler Plastic PipeDel Zotto ProductsDesign Precast & PipeDiamond PlasticsDowDub RossDura-LineEdwards Culvert CompanyEndot IndustriesFast FusionFB BalzanelliFlying W PlasticsFoley Products CompanyForterraGeneva Pipe and PrecastGF Piping SystemsGossett Concrete PipeGriffin Pipe ProductsH2 Pre-CastHamilton KentHancock Concrete ProductsHancorHARCO FittingsHaviland Drainage ProductsHD Supply WaterworksHOBAS PipeIdeal PipeIllowa Culvert and SupplyImproved Piping ProductsiNOEXIPEXIronside Design ManufacturingISCO IndustriesJ&J Drainage ProductsJENNMAR Specialty ProductsJensen Bridge and SupplyJensen PrecastJindal GroupJM EagleJohnson Concerte CompanyKafrit NAKerotest ManufacturingKersten Precast ConcreteLafargeLamson PipeLane EnterprisesLegend ValveLehigh HansonLK PexM.T. DeasonMcElroy ManufacturingMcPherson Concrete ProductsMcWaneMercury PlasticsMetal CulvertsMetal One AmericaMid America Pipe Fabricat. & SupplyMilacronMST Concrete ProductsNational Pipe & PlasticsNIBCONorth American PipeNorth American Specialty ProductsNorthern Concrete PipeNorthern Pipe ProductsNorthwest Pipe CompanyOldcastleOregon Plastic TubingPacific Corrugated PipePacific Roller Die CompanyPermatile Concrete ProductsPestan North AmericaPhilmacPipelife Jet StreamPipeline PlasticsPiranha Pipe & PrecastPlassonPlastic Tubing IndustriesPrecast ConceptsPrecon ProductsPress-Seal CorporationPrinscoReliance WorldwideRinker MaterialsRobertson ManufacturingRoyal Building ProductsS&M PrecastSanderson PipeScituate Concrete Pipe CorpScurlock HoldingsSekisui ChemicalSherman-Dixie Concrete IndustriesShope Concrete ProductsSICA AmericaSolenoSoluForce N.A.Southeast CulvertSoutheastern Concr. Prod. UpstateSpring SealSpringfield PlasticsSt. Regis CulvertStrongbridge-TegaThompson Pipe GroupTimewell Drainage ProductsTitan Construction ProductsTrelleborg ABTrueNorth SteelTUBOSIDERU.S. PipeUNICOR North AmericaUnited Concrete ProductsUnited Poly SystemsUponorUpper Peninsula Concrete PipeUS Composite PipeVianini PipeVictaulicViegaWatts Water TechnologiesWegener WeldingWIDOS WeldingWienerberger BaustoffindustrieWL PlasticsWolseley Industrial GroupWyatt ResourcesZurn Industries