U.S. Municipal Utility Forecast: Refining the Impacts of the Pandemic on Water Utility CAPEX

14 Jun 2021
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The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything the municipal water sector has undergone in over a century. For this reason, Bluefield’s team of water experts has monitored the critical and dynamic inputs that influence capital investments as they change.

Since May 2020, our team has transparently revised the ten-year outlook three times–May 2020, September 2020, and now, May 2021–in response to the impacts of quarantining, shifting municipal revenues, fluctuating employment, new housing starts, and federal emergency and stimulus funding.

This report lays out a new ten-year forecast for capital expenditures for water & wastewater infrastructure, including linear (i.e., pipe networks) and vertical assets (i.e., plants), across 15 key segments and subsegments. Also included in the underlying research and forecast methodology are important considerations such as utility size, miles of pipe networks, geographies, and rural versus urban settings.

In this Market Insight:

  • Market environment and inputs
  • Ten-year market forecasts
  • 44 U.S. utility profiles including Capital Improvement Program

Report Features

Table of Contents

  1. Summary : Background & Takeaways
  2. COVID Impacts and Key Considerations
  3. An Evolving Market Forecast
    • U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater CAPEX Forecast
  4. Market Environment and Inputs : Summary
  5. Historical Impact of Recession on CAPEX
    • Water Supply Infrastructure Construction-Put-in-Place
    • Wastewater Infrastructure Construction-Put-in-Place
  6. Housing Starts Show Pandemic Induced Growth
    • New Privately Owned Units Authorized 2000-2020
  7. Contaminants of Concern to Drive Investment
    • Emerging Contaminant and Potential Impacts on CAPEX
  8. American Jobs Plan to Provide Stimulus Funding
  9. Ten-Year Market Forecasts : Summary
  10. Bluefield Forecast Methodology
  11. U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater CAPEX Forecast Overview
    • U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater CAPEX Forecast, 2021-2030
  12. Sub-segments of CAPEX Over Next Ten Years
    • Ten-Year Water & Wastewater CAPEX Totals by Infrastructure Segment
  13. Water & Wastewater CAPEX Forecast by State
    • U.S. Municipal Water & Wastewater Ten-Year CAPEX Forecast by State, 2021-2030
  14. Water & Wastewater Network Buildout
    • U.S. Municipal Distribution and Collection Network CAPEX Forecast, 2021-2030
  15. Network Forecast Broken Out by Pipe and Type of Hardware
  16. Pump and Lift Station Forecast
    • U.S. Municipal Pump and Lift Station CAPEX Forecast, 2021-2030
    • U.S. Municipal Pump and Lift Station Total CAPEX, 2021-2030
  17. Water Treatment Plant CAPEX
    • U.S. Municipal Water Treatment Plant CAPEX Forecast, 2021-2030
    • U.S. Municipal Water Treatment Plant  Total CAPEX, 2021-2030
  18. Wastewater Treatment Plant Forecast
    • U.S. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant CAPEX Forecast, 2021-2030
    • U.S. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Total CAPEX, 2021-2030
  19. Capital Improvement Plans : Summary
  20. Total Changes in Capital Improvement Plans in a Post-COVID Era
    • Year-Over-Year Capital Improvement Trends (Planned 2021-2024 Spend)
  21. 44 U.S. Utilities Profiles – Post-COVID-19 Updates