U.S. & Canada Municipal Water: Key Trends, Policy Activity, and Market Outlook, Q4 2020

2 Nov 2020
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The U.S. municipal water sector accounts for approximately US$110 billion in public spend annually, when considering both the capital and operating expenditures. On 29 October 2020, the annualized GDP growth was reported at a record-setting 33.1%, indicating strong growth from the pandemic-related doldrums of the second quarter. This growth, however, fails to bring the economy out of recession and put it on track for annual growth by the end of 2020. Bluefield’s analysts continue to track major economic indicators and company performance to gauge how a tumultuous 2020 is impacting the municipal water sector.

In this Quarterly Insight:

  • Bluefield takeaways
  • Water infrastructure market indicators
  • Policy and funding landscape
  • Recent project activity
  • Corporate M&A activity
  • Corporate fallout from COVID-19