U.S. & Canada Municipal Water: Key Trends, Policy Activity, and Market Outlook, Q1 2021

7 Feb 2021
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Through the final quarter of 2020, the on-going impact of pandemic-related shutdowns and unemployment continue to ripple through the economy, highlighted by the annualized GDP declines (-3.5%). While the economic disruption carries over into 2021, new leadership in Washington has already begun to show signs of change in government strategy.

For the municipal water sector, stimulus spend, infrastructure investment, and a more aggressive stance on regulatory enforcement have become more real. The executive branch has already begun zeroing-in on climate and water quality orders that were rolled-back under the prior administration. As additional COVID-19 recovery and near-term administration shifts are anticipated, companies across the value chain are weighing opportunities to develop plans for resiliency and growth.

In this Quarterly Insight:

  • Bluefield takeaway
  • Water infrastructure market indicators
  • Policy and funding landscape
  • Recent project activity
  • Corporate M&A activity
  • Corporate revenue Q3 2020