The Water Sector’s Carbon Footprint: Evaluating Utility Roles in Municipal Climate Action Plans

5 Jul 2022
18 pages
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Bluefield Research has identified 35 large U.S. cities with climate action plans and evaluated their greenhouse emissions and water management positions. These cities’ strategies are key indicators of current and future shifts in municipal climate change mitigation strategies, including new technology deployment, industry partnerships, and sustainability goals that the rest of the country can follow. 

In this Insight Report:

  • Large U.S. cities with climate action plans
  • Energy reduction intensity for water & wastewater processes
  • U.S cities’ GHG emission target timelines
  • U.S. cities’ GHG water emissions conservation strategies
  • U.S. cities’ GHG wastewater emissions
  • Energy reduction strategies for water & wastewater processes
  • Overview of climate action plans for 35 cities

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