The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA): Breaking Down the Water Funding

16 May 2022
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The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act has set the stage for a new, larger wave of water infrastructure investment. The US$1.2 trillion bill, of which US$550.0 billion is new funding, points to new focus areas in water, including emerging contaminants, disadvantaged communities, and resiliency. 

While much of the US$55.0 billion focus in water has been placed on State Revolving Fund Programs (US$23.4B), lead service lines (US$15.0B), and PFAS/emerging contaminants (US$10.0B), a wider-angle view signals additional funding within the transportation and energy sectors. 

In examining the new legislation, Bluefield’s team of water experts has identified 103 water-related line items, totaling over US$132.0 billion of appropriated funding. In categorizing the line items, the appropriations have been segmented into seven water-focused themes: Remediation & Water Quality, Resiliency, Equity, Energy, Western Water Infrastructure, Research, and Cybersecurity.

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Table of Contents

  • Historical Congressional Appropriations for Water Infrastructure
  • Historical Impact of High Federal Funding on CPIP
  • Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act (IIJA) Overview
  • Clean Water State Revolving Fund and Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
  • “Build America, Buy America” (BABA) Act Origin Sourcing Requirements
  • Potential Timeline for BABA Rollout
  • Water-focused Themes in IIJA
  • Infrastructure-related Opportunities for Water
  • Resiliency-related Opportunities for Water
  • Water Quality-related Opportunities for Water
  • Equity-related Opportunities for Water
  • Energy-related Opportunities for Water
  • Wester Water Infrastructure-related Opportunities
  • Research-related Opportunities for Water
  • Cybersecurity-related Opportunities for Water
  • Appropriated Funding

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