Policy Shifts, Inflation Reduction Act Strengthen Opportunity for Renewable Natural Gas

13 Sep 2022
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In the wake of the Inflation Recovery Act’s passage, wastewater solutions providers are poised to benefit from the Section 48 Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program, which has been expanded to include biogas capture and interconnection distribution. Under this program, biogas system owners are eligible for a 30% ITC for new facilities that begin construction before 1 January 2025. Previously, the ITC did not apply to stand-alone energy storage, microgrid controllers, or qualified biogas facilities.

In this Research Note:

  • Tax incentives provide potential spark to niche market
  • California, Oregon policies set in motion a wave of biogas, Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) opportunities
  • Natural gas service providers facing state mandates, net zero commitments, seeing RNG offsets

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