Global Desalination Market Trends & Ownership Strategies, 2014-2018

17 Dec 2013
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This report provides an incisive analysis on global desalination markets and the sector’s competitive ownership landscape. The report presents scenario-based forecasts to 2018 and examines strategies of project owners, including value chain positioning, new demand markets, and business models driving winning strategies.


  • 168-page PDF Report
  • 55 Figures in MS PowerPoint with Data in MS Excel
  • Global Market Forecast to 2018
  • Top 25 Ownership Rankings
  • 66 In-depth Company Profiles
  • 50 Country Markets Analyzed
  • >60M m3/day of Capacity Analyzed


Bluefield Takeaways

  • Three scenarios define 5-year market forecast. The report presents three scenarios for the desalination market to 2018; Reference Case, Water Security, and Global Instability. The forecast methodology is based on key environmental, political and economic sensitivities that will impact desalination build-out over the forecast period and beyond.
  • Independent water providers reshape landscape. The trend towards privatization has steadily increased since 2000. Over the last five years, private ownership has accounted for as much as 35% and this percentage is projected to increase, with an estimated 51% of projects announced, planned and under construction slated for private ownership development.
  • Pure-plays move along the value chain. At the forefront of the industry change is a group of pure play water companies — such as Hyflux, IDE Technologies, Mekorot, Aqualyng, Seven Seas Water, Consolidated Water, and Poseidon Water– that are carving out ownership positions. They are navigating a more competitive industry, placing them in direct competition with established infrastructure and EPC players.
  • Unlocking the greenfield opportunities. From suppliers-to-offtakers, companies are addressing water risks with innovative technology solutions and strategies in new industrial, regional, and niche markets. These greenfield opportunities are proliferating this next phase of desalination growth.