Global Desalination Ownership Leaderboard 2013

4 Dec 2013
Available with corporate subscription

Bluefield Research’s Global Desalination Ownership Leaderboard 2013 has been developed within the Global Municipal Water Infrastructure Insight Service that tracks global ownership trends, markets, strategies, and the competitive landscape for global desalination technologies and markets.

The 2013 Leaderboard highlights the largest owners of desalination, their geographic footprints, and year-to-year changes to ownership capacity.

Key building blocks in developing the ranking include:

  • Project ownership ranked on net ownership capacity (i.e., % equity held in existing desalination plants multiplied by total system capacity, m3/d).
  • Project ownership pipelines by net capacity − desalination plants that are under construction, in planning, or announced.
  • The period analyzed is 1980-2018, which includes operating, under construction, in planning, and announced projects.
  • Desalination systems include systems deployed in the municipal, industrial, and agricultural sectors and subsectors (e.g. power generation, oil & gas, mining, food & beverage).