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Global Municipal WaterINSIGHT SERVICE

Data, Analysis, & Intelligence on Global Municipal Water Markets

Where are the hotspots for municipal water sector investment, what are the opportunties, and which markets shifts do we see emerging? This annual service enables companies to anticipate growth opportunities, stay ahead of emerging trends, and make strategic decisions based on key market drivers and inhibitors.

The Global Municipal Insight Service provides a steady stream of data and analysis to guide companies seeking growth and opportunities in water.

Our team of water experts are addressing critical factors shaping water and wastewater infrastructure investment including:

  • Vendor consolidation and factors driving uptick in water-related M&A
  • Smart cities and water sector’s role in urban transformation
  • Evolving business models and strategies to adapt to new market environments
  • Asset management in developed countries emerging as critical concern
  • Water scarcity underpinning efficiency desalination, reuse growth in global hotspots
  • Public-Private Partnerships offering strategic investment opportunities in Emerging Markets
  • Diverse municipal utilities seeking to achieve cost reductions; improve operational efficiencies

Clients leverage our data-backed analysis and a transparent methodology:

  • Wastewater reuse & desalination projects & pipeline
  • Global M&A transactions by sector
  • Venture capital investment for digital water companies
  • Smart Water contracts, forecasts, and vendors
  • Europe utility rankings by leakage, energy efficiency and spend
  • Top 50 water companies by revenues, globally
  • Global public-private partnerships by country

Related Research Themes: Crumbling Infrastructure, Water Quality, M&A, Cost of Water, Water Reuse, Smart Water, Utility of the Future, Water Scarcity, Climate Change

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