Global Desalination: Market Trends, Ownership Rankings, and Forecast, 2022–2028

30 Jun 2022
22 pages
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Climate shifts are putting additional stress on existing water supplies in select markets like Australia, the western U.S. and Latin America. At the same time, baseload demand for water in the Middle East rises with population and industrial requirements. Ongoing pressure on water supplies will continue to foster new seawater desalination and private sector investment in key markets.

Within this context, the global desalination market continues to evolve, driven by more widespread competition for private participation and associated capacity additions. As a result, a group of established players and new market entrants are heightening competition across the value chain to own, operate, and supply desalination systems.

Bluefield analyzes the net ownership positions, geographies, and plants of large-scale desalination facilities (>50,000 m3/d) by capacity, including government entities, independent water companies, Japanese trading houses, and infrastructure investors. 


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Table of Contents

Section 1: Global Perspective & Trends

  • Total Capacity Additions by Region, 1999-2022
  • Large-scale Desalination Capacity by Country
  • Desalination Technology Deployment, 1999-2022
  • Large-scale Desalination Capacity Outlook, 2022-2028
  • Future Capacity by Country

Section 2: Desalination Ownership Positions and Rankings

  • Active Stakeholders per Country
  • Capacity Changes over the Last Size Years
  • Top 25 Players by Net Capacity, 1999-2022
  • Ownership Type of Top 25 Players
  • Biggest Movers & Shakers, 2016-2022

Section 3: Private Company Ownership and M&A

  • Ranking the Top 20 Private Owners
  • Leading Private Companies, 1999-2022
  • Ownership Outlook from Plants Under Construction
  • Recorded Ownership Transfers, 2019-2022


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