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Europe Municipal Water Infrastructure: Utility Strategies & CAPEX Forecasts, 2016-2025

25 September 2016
Focus Report

Release Date: September 2016, 89 Slides + Data Appendix 

Europe’s municipal water sector is at a crossroads– seeking to move past years of recession and policy obstacles to chart a new course for efficient, resilient, smart infrastructure. European utilities are now strategically mapping out their investment strategies to address climate change, increasing water stress, wastewater pollutants, and aging water networks.

Bluefield forecasts municipal utility capital expenditures for water and wastewater infrastructure across Europe to reach US$525 billion between 2016 and 2025. More than US$256 billion of this investment will be dedicated to maintaining and expanding Europe’s 6.7 million kilometers of aging and leaking pipe networks. Recent regulatory developments may unlock even more investment.

This report is essential for companies evaluating investment needs, outlook, opportunities, and trends in water infrastructure planning across Europe.  Contents include:

  • Section 1: Europe Municipal Water Landscape
  • Section 2: Infrastructure Investment Drivers
  • Section 3: Infrastructure Forecasts, 2016-2025
  • Section 4: Utility Planned CAPEX, 2016-2020
  • Section 5:  Country Profiles (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic, Spain, United Kingdom
  • Section 6: Utility Profiles

This new report answers these key questions and more:

  • What infrastructure trends are we seeing across Europe and which are unique to certain regions and countries?
  • Which regulatory developments will accelerate or inhibit water infrastructure investment?
  • What are the largest segments for water and wastewater investment across Europe?
  • Which European utilities plan to invest the most in water infrastructure over the next 5-10 years and what are their strategies?
  • What are the key focus areas for utility investment in terms of resilience and network intelligence?

Key Features

  • 89-page report (PDF)
  • Bottom-up utility data (Excel)
  • Municipal infrastructure forecasts to 2025, including pipes, pumps & plant additions
  • Transparent forecast methodology detailing key data inputs & assumptions
  • Strategic analysis of infrastructure investment drivers
  • 25+ in-depth utility company profiles including planned CAPEX and key initiatives
  • 15 country profiles (water sector details, trends and CAPEX)

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