Domestic Water: Drivers and Emerging Trends for Advanced Water Management in the Home, U.S., U.K., Australia

17 Dec 2021
39 pages
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The convergence of climate, technology, and business models underlies a transformation of water usage and management within the household. Often overlooked because of total volumes of water used—relative to agriculture and industry—domestic water management is now emerging as an opportunity for multiple stakeholders, from technology vendors to insurance companies and property developers.

In the aftermath of Australia’s Millennium Drought, California’s droughts, and ongoing water-related climate stress, homeowners will increasingly be required to bear the direct and indirect costs of water & sewage management. These costs could be manifested in higher utility rates, insurance premiums, and policy mandates.

At the forefront of this change are three key markets—Australia, U.S., and U.K.—that are serving as the testing ground for more widespread penetration, globally. The impact is increasing market-specific adoption of hardware and software solutions to benefit the myriad stakeholders shaping and influencing domestic water usage. 


Report Scope

List of Exhibits:

  • Global Domestic Water Usage
  • Mapping Household Water Usage (U.S., U.K., Australia)
  • Water Withdrawls by Sector
  • Country Comparison by Select Metrics
  • Daily Water Use per Household by Country
  • Average Water Use by Fixture per Country
  • Water Efficiency Labeling Schemes
  • Smart Leak Detection Partnerships with Insurance Companies
  • Residential Smart Water Meters AMR / AMI
  • Annual Housing Starts, 2009-2020
  • Global Economic Losses from Climatic Disaster, 1970-2019
  • U.S. Water Usage Trend vs. Population
  • U.S. Average Domestic Per Capita Withdrawals 2005 / 2015
  • Australia Water Damage Claims Compared to other Domestic Property Claims
  • U.S. Insurance Companies Size Relative to Partnerships with Smart Water Devices
  • Average Annual Home Improvement Spend by Category in the U.S., 2019 (Low-Income and High-Income Households)
  • U.S. Household Water Consumption Before vs. During COVID
  • Companies Part of the 50L Home Coalition
  • Early-Stage Funding for Smart Home Water Startups 2015-H1 2021
  • Amazon Connects Home Devices through Its Sidewalk Communication Solution

Report Features

Background and Takeaways
Global Drivers of Domestic Water Use
Mapping Indoor Household Water Usage
Water Usage Varies Considerably by Region and Economy

Section 1: Residential Water Use Trends, U.S., U.K., Australia

Comparing Household Water Management by Country
Total Residential Water Usage by Country
Water Usage by Fixture and Country
Water-Efficiency Labeling Schemes / Certification Programs by Country
Residential Water Reuse Programs by Country
Residential Reuse Systems
Smart Leak Detection Systems & Insurance Partnerships by Country
Smart Water Meter Adoption by Country
Rebates Incentivizing Residents to Install Water-Saving Appliances and Systems

Section 2: Drivers for More Efficient Home Water Management

Greatest Reductions in Residential Water Use through New Builds
Adaptation to Climatic Events
U.S. Population vs. Water Usage
Climate Change Impacts Residential Water Use
Insurance Partnerships Push Smart Home Water Management Forward
Select Policies Driving Residential Water-Efficiency
Identifying Points of Change and Water-Related Spending in the Home
U.S. Household Water Use During COVID-19
Water and Wastewater Monthly Bills

Section 3: Strategies & Solutions to Address Home Water Management

Public-Private Collaboration to Conserve Water in the Home
Home Water Appliance Company Landscape
Home Water Appliance Company Sustainability Efforts
Investments in Smart Home Water Management Firms
Growth in Smart Home Water Investment
Partnerships with Smart Home Water Management Firms
Amazon Paves Big Tech’s Path to More Advanced Home Water Management
Customer Management Software Players Target Homeowners, Utilities with Water Insights
Residential Smart Water Meter Competitive Landscape

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