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What are Bluefield Insight Services?

Our eight insight services are focused on select industry verticals, geographies, and company activities to address a wide range of strategic interests. Each annual service is enterprise-wide, thereby enabling client stakeholders to access a range of reports, datasets and our analysts as an ongoing resource.

Municipal Water Insight Service
Private Water Insight Service
Water Reuse Insight Service
Global Water Insight Service
Industrial Water Insight Service
Water for Energy Insight Service
Digital Water Insight Service
Water M&A Insight Service

Why become an Insight Service client?

Staying ahead of critical market shifts and the competition requires a coherent research methodology, data, employee time, and financial resources. For these reasons, Bluefield’s Insight Services are utilized by the leading companies in water, which benefit from ongoing access to data and analysis. Bluefield’s team tracks a range of key themes and their varying impacts on the respective municipal and industrial sectors, including market forecasts, M&A , technology adoption, infrastructure investment, and business models.

What is included in Insight Services?

In addition to receiving access to hundreds of archived and planned deliverables, plus Bluefield’s Data Navigator, clients receive direct and immediate access to Bluefield’s global team of water experts to discuss critical questions, market events, and challenges impacting their business. Also included are quarterly meetings, webinars, presentations, and onsite meetings.


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