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Staying ahead of critical market shifts and peer company strategies requires employee time, a coherent research methodology, and financial resources.

For these reasons, Bluefield’s annual Insight Services are utilized by leading companies addressing water as a business with ongoing, in-depth data and analysis of key policies, project developments, and the competitive landscape that are impacting global water markets.

Why become an Insight Service client? 

In addition to receiving access to hundreds of archived and planned deliverables, plus the associated data, clients receive direct and immediate access to Bluefield’s global team of water experts to discuss critical questions, market events, and issues impacting their business. Included in the Insight relationship are quarterly meetings between client and analysts that sharpen our focus on meeting client expectations and adjusting to critical areas of need.

Our independent perspectives are used to strengthen board room decisions, corporate strategies, and business development planning without influence from client biases. Further, we are not swayed by sponsorships and advertising.

What is included in the Insight Services? 

Currently, our suite of insight services are broken out by municipal, industrial, and digital sectors with options to focus on U.S. & Canada vs. global geographies. Each service is enterprise-wide, thereby enabling all client groups, divisions, and employees to access our wide-range of reports, presentations, and datasets.

Bluefield’s team tracks a range of key themes and their varying impacts on the respective municipal and industrial sectors, including market forecasts, M&A, technology adoption, and investment.

Receive access to an ongoing stream of water market intelligence and insights, including:

  • Research Notes: executive intelligence briefings on relevant market and competitive developments.
  • Market, Data and Company Insights: analysis of geographic, technology, value chain trends, including market opportunities, competitive environment, regulatory developments, and growth potential.
  • Forecasts: scenario-based outlooks, projecting supply-demand drivers, market trends, and growth rates across industry verticals.
  • Insight Reports: focused reports providing in-depth analyses of specific market segments, industry verticals, or regional markets, backed by detailed data analytics and scenario-based forecasting.
  • Quarterly Briefings: regular updates of market segment and competitive developments, change drivers, opportunities, M&A, and forecasts.
  • Access to our Water Experts: dedicated analysts on-call to meet client enquiries, review forecast methodologies, or clarify proprietary data and analysis.

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