Competition for Water Increases between Cleantech and Community Stakeholders

6 Sep 2022
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As the effects of climate change, an energy transition away from fossil fuels, and new renewable energy policies converge globally, the market for electric vehicles (EV) is projected to scale at a pace unforeseen only a few years ago. In 2021, EV sales doubled from the previous year, representing 10% of total global car sales. To meet expanding EV production, the global pipeline for new gigafactories (i.e., battery manufacturing facilities) has climbed to 304 factories. In Europe alone, Bluefield has identified 38 factories that are expected to become operational before 2030. 

In this Research Note:

  • Tesla proves water requirements for gigafactory production needs are manageable
  • Electric vehicle buildout amplifies sector’s global water impacts
  • EU commission proposes to regulate battery lifecycle, including water

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